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Easy Gate Steel No-Sag Bracket Kit


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Easy Gate, Steel Construction, No-Sag Bracket Kit, Can Be Used For Openings From 27"-72", For Fence Gates, Shed Doors, Driveway Gates, Corral Gates, Barn Doors & Many More, Includes 2 Pre-Hinged Brackets & 2 Common Brackets, Hinges Are Welded To Bracket For Added Strength, Universal Left & Right Swing, No Z Bracing Required, No Angled Cuts Needed, Gate Frame Will Automatically SquaRed When Brackets Are Attached, Accommodates Various Horizontal Rail Sizes, Such As 2-Inch x 3-Inch , 2-Inch x 4", 2-Inch x 6", Etc, Tools RequiRed Saw, Screwdriver Or Screw Gun, Rust Resistant.

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